Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee leaves wife, begins new relationship

London: It has emerged that the inventor of the World Wide Web Sir Timothy Berners-Lee has left his American wife and embarked on a new relationship with Rosemary Leith, with whom he has worked on Internet projects.
Sir Tim, 55, married Nancy Carlson, an American computer programmer and former figure skater, in Connecticut in 1990 and they have two children.
It was said that he used to avoid most requests for interviews so that he could devote as much time as possible to his family.
But now, it has been reported that Sir Tim's second marriage is over and Lady Berners-Lee has been replaced in his affections by the glamorous Leith.
"His relationship with Rosemary is going so well that he has taken her to Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle to meet the Queen and Prince Philip," the Telegraph quoted a friend of the computer scientist as saying.
Leith, who lived in Fulham, west London, with her husband, Mark Opzoomer, the former chief executive of an Internet firm, and their three children, is the director of the World Wide Web Foundation, a charity launched by Sir Tim in Uganda in 2009.
Source: ANI

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