Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Facebook used in 90 percent of divorces

New York, May 2: Social networking sites are becoming primary source of evidence in divorce proceedings, according to US lawyers.

A survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers has found that Facebook is cited in 20 pc of divorces in America. However, Florida lawyer, Carin Constantine says the number is much, much higher.

The study also revealed that 80 pc of divorce lawyers reported that more people are using social networking to engage in affairs.

A divorce lawyer has cautioned that Facebook is used in 90 pc of cases to pull the partner down at the time of splitting.

"There are times when my paralegal and I sit in this office and laugh because people are stupid. They put things out there on the internet that can last forever," the New York Daily quoted Constantine as saying.

Getting rid of Facebook accounts doesn't help much either, Constantine warned.

She told WTSP that she just goes to Google's 'images' search function and puts in the divorcee's name, and within seconds, incriminating photos can pop up.

"The problem is, if you've got 400 friends, I assure you one of those friends doesn't have all the privacy settings correct," she said.
Source: ANI

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