Friday, May 6, 2011

Apple iPad 3 in 3D?

Rumors are that Apple iPad 3 will have a 3D screen. This was told by a Hollywood insider to a personnel from RCR Wireless, a publication that gives news about wireless communications industry.

This rumor may not seem surprising as Apple in December 2010 was granted a projection system capable of allowing multiple users to simultaneously view 3D images without wearing special glasses.

Meanwhile, Foxconn a Taiwan based manufacturer that builds a lot of Apple gear, has apparently been talkative about Apple's plans for a 3D-enabled iPad. The company has already leaked the information about the 3D iPad to several of their close industry sources.

The person who is close to the big movie studios also mentioned that movie production companies are already sending 3D films to be synchronized with the iPad 3.

It is possible though that Apple would not take such a risky move, if one considers the relative lack of success of the Nintendo 3DS, which reported less than expected sales. Sources at Foxconn mentioned that the 3D subject has been analyzed and considered for the future.

If Apple does decide to come up with a 3D iPad, it will definitely put the company under the spotlight and throw down the gauntlet to its rivals again.


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