Monday, May 9, 2011

Parents blame Facebook for kids' low grades

London: A new survey has revealed that two-thirds of parents fear that their kids' exam grades suffer because they spend too much time on social networking websites such as Facebook.

Children aged 12 to 17, however, reckon keeping up to date on social networking sites is more important than using the internet for studying.

Half go on Facebook, Twitter or Myspace every day and 40 per cent listen to music online - while only 16 per cent use the Internet to help with their homework.

Around half of 4,427 parents quizzed in a new survey said they had no idea what their kids are up to on the Internet.

But 76 per cent of them admitted they should take responsibility for introducing restrictions on home PCs.

Now broadband provider TalkTalk is introducing a system that allows parents to control what their kids see online.

They can create "homework time" on their Internet connection when social networking sites are blocked.

"Children under 15 have never known a world without internet. It's revolutionised how they learn, play and communicate. We support the introduction of this system," the Sun quoted Will Gardner, chief executive of charity Childnet, as saying.
Source: ANI

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