Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Being active on Facebook and Twitter can get you the job you want

New Delhi: With increasing number of users globally, social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are turning out to be happy hunting grounds for employees seeking new jobs.

Majority of employees surveyed felt that social media are helping them to find new jobs quickly and efficiently, according to HR services firm Ma Foi Randstad.

"... 82 percent of Indian employees are extremely confident on using the social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to enable them to find a new job quicker and more efficiently," Ma Foi Randstad said.

The survey focuses on 'mental mobility status' of employees -- reflecting their readiness to change jobs.

About 87 percent of Indian employees use social media to find information about an organisation's work culture.

"... 75 per cent track movements and events of their favourite companies, so that they are up-to-date for attending job interviews and 75 percent would hesitate joining a company if their co-workers have given negative reviews about the company," it added.

Moreover, the survey found that 90 percent of Indian employees have an individual accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and out of them, 81 percent use it for professional purposes.

Among the Indian cities, employees in Mumbai (85 percent) and Delhi (83 percent) are most confident about finding a job through social media.

As per the report, Indian workforce continues to be the "most mobile in the world", with an index score of 145. India is followed by China and Mexico.

The index shows the extent to which employees are thinking of changing their jobs in a short-term as compared to other countries.

The findings are based on a survey of over 60,000 employees in 26 countries.

"Social media has become a potent tool for both employers and employees and as a low cost - high return option, recruiting through social media will soon become a key differentiator in the current global recruitment market," Ma Foi Randstad's MD and CEO E Balaji said.

Source: Press Trust of India (PTI)

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