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Facebook Offers 45 Lakh Per Annum to a Fresher

Hyderabad: How about a starting salary of 45 lakh (1 lakh $US) per annum for a fresher? Yes! Facebook has signed a final year computer student of the prestigious NIT Warangal for the incredible offer, reports Nikhila Henry of Times of India.

The 21 year old B.Tech student will be joining the technical wing of the Social Networking Company soon after completing his Graduation in March 2012, the institute confirmed.

The 45 lakh offer by Facebook is a record of sorts for the NIT as the highest pay the institute had seen over the years for its freshers was 20 lakh per annum. While it is not uncommon in the West to find freshers offered such a huge salary, in India it is rare.

NIT Warangal is one of the oldest NITs in the country and is well known for its quality education and bright graduates in the IT and Computer fields. Major IT companies have already hired around 30 students from the institute.

In a campus recruitment drive which started on August 15, leading companies like Wipro, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and Amazon have hired many students from the Institute for packages between 5 lakh and 12 lakh per annum. However, the Facebook offer has set a bench mark for the 50-year old institute.

Many IT companies are ready to pay high for students who do well in the first or second interview. However the companies who come later could offer even higher, an NIT official said. We need wait and see what the salary trend this year is, he added.

The officials at the institute also said the recruitment process of the NIT will continue till March next year.
Source: SiliconIndia

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top 10 diet foods that can make you fat

You’ve cut back on chocolate, chucked out the biscuits and raided your nearest health food store, so why aren’t you losing those pounds? Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, you could be sabotaging your weight loss with the wrong foods. They might look and seem healthy, but that’s not always the case. Check out the top 10 diet foods that could pile on the pounds.

Juices and smoothies

When totting up our daily intake of calories, many of us forget to take into account those that come in liquid form. However, the drinks you consume throughout the day can vastly contribute to weight gain. While smoothies and juices count towards your daily intake of fruit (and swapping fry-ups for a morning smoothie would certainly do wonders for your waistline!) supplementing meals with these sugary fruit drinks could add hundreds of extra calories on to your daily intake. Smoothies and juices contain more sugar but less fibre than whole fruit, making fresh fruit a much better snacking option.

Cereal bars

Many of us believe that cereal bars are the perfect healthy snack and breakfast-on-the-go. However, most breakfast bars are packed with cane sugar and corn syrup, not to mention high levels of fat. In fact, despite their healthy image, cereal bars can contain as much fat, sugar and calories as an average chocolate bar, and can cause crashes in blood sugar levels which will leave you craving more food.

Dried fruit

As with smoothies and juices, dried fruit has many beneficial properties and counts towards your daily intake of fruit. However, due to the concentration of sugars that occurs when fruit is dehydrated, it is also very high in calories and sugar when compared to the same amount of fresh fruit, and is much lower in fibre and nutrients. On top of this, many brands add sugar to dried fruit to improve the flavour, which boosts the calorie content even further.

Diet drinks

Many of us turn to sugar-free versions of our favourite drinks to help stay trim, yet diet drinks may actually be causing you to pile on the pounds. Research by the Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio found that those who consumed diet drinks daily experienced a 70 per cent greater increase in waist circumference than those who drank none, while a previous study showed that obesity risk increased by 41 per cent for each diet drink consumed. A suggested reason for this is that artificial sweeteners trigger appetite, and they may also inhibit the brain cells that make you feel full.


When eating out or buying food on the go, salads are generally presented as the “healthy option”. However, often this is not the case. While salads contain vegetables and other healthy ingredients, these are often buried under a layer of oily, sugary dressings which can be high in both fat and calories. Many salads do contain good fats that can help with weight loss (such as in the case of avocados and olive oil), yet this is not always so. Avoid those sneaky calories by drizzling your salads with a light dressing such as balsamic vinegar, or skipping the dressing entirely.


While soup can be the perfect weight loss food when prepared correctly, not all soups fall into the diet food category. In fact, many soups can rack up a significant amount of fat and calories, particularly those containing dairy products such as cream or cheese. On top of that, many soups are very high in salt, which can lead to bloating. To help stay trim and cut calories, try purchasing (or better yet, making your own) vegetable-based and cream-free soups.


Hummus is often perceived as the perfect diet-friendly dip. However, while the healthy snack is undoubtedly nutritious, it is also packed with calories and fat from its principle ingredients of oil and tahini. Another dip for dieters to watch out for is guacamole which, while traditionally packed with nutrients and good fats, often contains calorie-laden double cream. While most dips can be eaten in moderation, if you want to splurge guilt-free go for a homemade tomato salsa which is packed with nutritious ingredients and is almost fat-free.

Vegetable crisps

Many people view vegetable crisps as the “healthy” alternative to the potato variety. However, while some vegetable crisps contain slightly more fibre and vitamins than potato crisps, this is not always the case and the difference is generally very slight, with most of the vitamins derived from fresh veggies being lost in the process of making them into crisps. On top of this, vegetable crisps are often just as high in fat and calories as potato ones and contain just as much salt.


Air-popped popcorn is a great nutritious, high-fibre and diet-friendly snack. However, when butter is added into the equation, the tasty snack can quickly lose its healthy credentials. Store-bought and cinema popcorn can be extremely high in fat and calories due to its liberal coating of butter and/or sugar, and is often also served in large quantities. Furthermore, as the TV-friendly snack is often eaten in front of a screen, we can easily consume far more than we intend to due to mindless snacking.


It’s marketed as a health food, is sold in health food stores and even looks remarkably healthy, so it must be a diet food, right? In the case of granola, sadly the answer is no. While granola is undoubtedly nutritious and full of fibre, it also contains high quantities of sugar and oil, making it extremely high in fat and calories. To help save your waistline, try eating granola in small portions or, better yet, switch to a lower fat sugar-free muesli which will deliver the same health benefits without the calories.

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Exclusive Photos: Anna Hazare Arrested - Photo collection of all over India

Where Anna Hazare will sit for his hunger

Photo Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle, IANS, Reuters, Yahoo News, NDTV, Times of India, Indian Media, INTERNET(world wide web).

Police order Anna Hazare freed after protests

Police ordered the release of Anna Hazare, the country's leading anti-corruption campaigner, from jail on Tuesday after mounting nationwide protests against his arrest for planning a hunger strike forced a U-turn by beleaguered Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
The arrest of 74-year-old Hazare early on Tuesday sparked outrage from opposition parties and spontaneous protests, from candle-light vigils to the burning of effigies of government figures, in cities across India.
Dressed in his trademark white shirt, white cap and spectacles in the style of independence leader Mahatma Gandhi, Hazare has won support from many Indians sick of endemic corruption in Asia's third largest economy.
A close aide who had also been arrested told reporters Hazare was refusing to leave the jail until he obtained government permission to continue his fast in a park in the capital.
Police also released about 1,500 of Hazare's followers detained in Delhi for defying the police order not to protest.
The turnaround could be a huge blow for Singh, already criticised as a weak and out-of-touch leader for the way his ruling Congress party grappled with a string of corruption scandals and high food inflation.
The decision to release Hazare may also signal a division within the government over how to deal with the popular activist.
In the capital, supporters angry at Hazare's detention earlier stormed police barricades, while thousands more gathered in front of the jail, parliament and India Gate.
"A man has the right to fast. Gandhi fasted despite everyone telling him not to... Not even the British (colonial) government prevented him," leading Indian lawyer and politician Ram Jethmalani told CNN IBN television.
(For live blog click )
"If the government stops protests or not, what it can't stop is the anger, which ultimately means bad news for Congress when people go to the polls," said M.J. Akbar, an editor at influential news magazine India Today.
"People expect Singh to be strong on corruption, not to be strong on those who protest against corruption."
Initially, Hazare was ordered held for one week and taken to Tihar jail, joining several government officials, including the former telecoms minister, who are under arrest over a multi-billion dollar telecoms graft scandal.
"The second freedom struggle has started ... This is a fight for change," Hazare said in a pre-recorded message broadcast on YouTube. "The protests should not stop. The time has come for no jail in the country to have a free space."
The arrests shocked many in a country with strong memories of Gandhi's independence battles against colonial rule with fasts and non-violent protests.
The question for many is whether Hazare's movement will grow in the fast-urbanising nation of 1.2 billion people whose increasingly assertive middle class is fed up with constant bribes, poor services and unaccountable leaders.
An anti-graft protester was found dead in a blood-soaked car in Bhopal, where hundreds had taken to the streets. A senior police officer told Reuters it was not clear whether the death was linked to the protests.
Home Minister Palaniappa Chidambaram said Hazare and several other leaders had been placed under "preventative arrest" to ensure they did not carry out a threat to protest.
"Protest is welcome, but it must be carried out under reasonable conditions," Chidambaram told a news conference.
Both houses of parliament were adjourned for the day after the opposition protested at the arrests of Hazare and his key aides, further undermining the chances that reform bills -- seen as crucial for Asia's third-largest economy -- will be passed.
"This is murder of democracy by the government within the House and outside the House," said Arun Jaitley, a senior leader of the opposition Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party.
The scandals, including a telecoms bribery scam that may have cost the government $39 billion, have smothered Singh's reform agenda, dented investor confidence and distracted parliament just as the $1.6 trillion economy is being hit by inflation and higher interest rates.
Those arrested included Kiran Bedi, one of India's first female police officers and a widely respected figure for her anti-graft drive. She was later released.
Police denied Hazare permission on Monday to fast in a park near a cricket stadium because he had refused to end his fast in three days and ensure no more than 5,000 people took part.
Opposition figures likened the crackdown to the 1975 "Emergency" when then-prime minister Indira Gandhi arrested thousands of opposition members to stay in power.
Singh and Congress had hardened their stance against Hazare in recent days, fearing that these protests could spiral.
The prime minister used his Independence Day speech on Monday to criticise Hazare, and Congress spokesman Manish Tewari said Hazare was surrounded by "armchair fascists, overground Maoists, closet anarchists".
Hazare rose to fame for lifting his village in western state of Maharashtra out of grinding poverty. His social activism has forced out senior government officials and helped create a right to information act for citizens.
Hazare became the unlikely thorn in the side of the Congress-led coalition when he first went on a hunger strike in April and won concessions from the government.
Tapping into a groundswell of discontent over corruption scandals in Singh's government, Hazare lobbied for a parliamentary bill creating a special ombudsman to bring crooked politicians, bureaucrats and judges to book.
Hazare called off that fast after the government promised to introduce the bill into parliament. The legislation was presented in early August, but activists slammed the draft version as toothless, prompting Hazare to renew his campaign.
Source: Reuters

Anna supporters take out candle light vigils

Angry over his arrest, thousands of supporters of social activist Anna Hazare shouted slogans in his support as they held candle light vigils at several places in the city Tuesday.
Raising slogans in support of Hazare, the protesters with candles, placards and banners in their hands gathered at India Gate, Chhatrasal Stadium where thousands of Hazare's supporters were detained, and outside Tihar Jail where the Gandhian has been kept.
'Is this really a democracy? Don't we have the right to protest peacefully in our own country? This is not the India Mahatma Gandhi fought for,' said 32-year-old software engineer Julio Joy protesting at India Gate with a poster in his hand that read 'Free Anna Now'.
The protesters, cutting across all sections of society, demanded Hazare's release and criticised the government for arresting the activist. They also denounced the detaining and arrest of thousands of other activists by the Delhi Police.
'The government is digging its own grave with such foolish actions and display of pure arrogance. I pray to god that the people in power get some sense,' said Sudhir Adhikari, a 62-year-old businessman protesting outside Tihar Jail.
Slogans like 'Anna nahi aandhi hain, yeh doosra Gandhi hain' (He is a blizzard, a second Mahatma Gandhi) and 'Jo kabhi nahi haare, woh Anna Hazare' (Who never lost to anyone, he is Anna Hazare) were raised by the protesters who vowed to intensify their agitation.
'We will not tolerate this and the government will have to pay. We won't indulge in violence but won't take this treatment lying down,' said 28-year-old Vani Batra, a homemaker.
Hazare, fellow activist Arvind Kejriwal and six supporters were sent to Tihar Jail by a special executive magistrate for not signing a bail bond and promising not to violate prohibitory orders.
Police had clamped prohibitory orders at the J.P. Park where the activists were planning to sit on fast against corruption.
Source: IANS

Anti-corruption crusader and Anna's supporter killed in Bhopal

Shehla Masood, an anti-corruption crusader and Right to Information activist, was Tuesday shot dead outside her residence here, police said.
Masood was in her car in the Koh-e-Fiza area when she was shot in the neck, Inspector General of Police Sailendra Srivastava told IANS.
Masood headed the Madhya Pradesh chapter of India Against Corruption group. In April, she led protests when Gandhian Anna Hazare had fasted in New Delhi for a strong anti-graaft law.
'She was shot dead when she was in the driving seat. The car was parked at her residence,' Srivastava said.
Masood had Monday pledged to expose widespread corruption and said she had several vital documents to back her claims.
Masood was also a green activist and had fought for the Save Tiger project in Madhya Pradesh.
'As Shehla had raised questions regarding several tiger deaths across the state, people involved in the racket may have killed her,' fellow activist Ajay Dubey said.
He demanded a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the killing. 'We have no faith on the state government, so the matter should be investigated by the CBI.'
Mehsood, an active campaigner aginst corruption, had once expressed fear that she could be killed.
In a complaint filed at the Maharana Pratap Nagar police station in Bhopal, she had accused a senior police officer, Pawan Shrivastava, of making threatening phone calls.
Masood reitered her complaint to Madhya Pradesh Director General of Police S.K. Raut Jan 19, 2010.
Recently, Masood had filed a RTI application seeking information on at least 19 Indian Administrative Service officers, 13 Indian Forest Service officers and seven Indian Police Service officers, informed sources said.
Abdul Jabbar, a social activist fighting for the cause for Bhopal gas disaster survivors, told IANS: 'She has been killed because of her fight against widespread corruption in the state.' 
Source: IANS

Defiant Anna jailed, freed, refuses to leave Tihar

Gandhian Anna Hazare was jailed here Tuesday morning ahead of his fast for an effective anti-corruption law, sparking protests that drew tens of thousands across India. Stunned by the People Power, authorities did a U-turn within 12 hours and declared him free but the fasting soldier-turned-activist refused to walk out of the jail until he was allowed to hold his planned fast without any fetters.
Just six hours after he was driven to the Tihar Jail after 3 p.m. after being sentenced to a week's judicial custody, an unprecedented outburst of spontaneous public anger led Delhi Police to release him. But Hazare, 74, declined to move until his demands were met.
A desperate administration pressed him to hold a conditional fast for three days at the J.P. Park -- the planned venue in the heart of the city -- or leave Delhi. But the man refused, setting the stage for a lingering showdown between the government and the civil society he leads.
Hazare confidante Kiran Bedi - a former police officer who was detained but released within hours - said he was determined to pursue his hunger strike at the J.P. Park -- but minus any condition. Hazare began his fast Tuesday morning.
She said he would not leave Tihar Jail until this demand was met. Also fasting with Hazare were his key confidants.
The day-long drama effectively left the government floundering, with Congress leaders struggling to defend their earlier hardline stand against a Gandhian who has become an icon in India's war on corruption.
In the evening, Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi called on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who earlier convened a meeting of senior ministers to discuss the tense situation -- and the likely political fallout.
'We can apologize' for arresting Hazare, Congress spokesperson Renuka Chaudhry said late in the evening, as protests in support of the man raged, mainly in Delhi and Mumbai where thousands poured out of their homes with Indian flags, cloth banners and posters. The rains in Delhi could not dampen people's mood.
As night broke, crowds in the capital only swelled, mainly outside Tihar Jail and the Chhatrasal sports stadium in another corner of the city where hundreds had been detained for siding with Hazare.
Tihar Jail spokesman Sunil Gupta said shortly before 9 p.m. that Hazare had been let off from his cell but he was in the prison office, talking to officials and refusing to leave.
Eminent jurist Soli Sorabjee said the government had tripped badly. 'What is happening in the government?' Sorabjee asked on TimesNow television. 'This is a gigantic folly, a gigantic miscalculation.'
The arrests of Hazare and his aides crippled parliament as an otherwise divided opposition closed ranks. The Bharatiya Janata Party and the Communist Party of India-Marxist called for nationwide protests Wednesday.
'The reaction is tremendous all over India,' said former Supreme Court judge Santosh Hegde in Bangalore, one of scores of cities that saw numerous small and big demonstrations in support of Hazare.
It all began shortly after 7 a.m. when policemen in civilian clothes swooped on Hazare and trusted activist Arvind Kejriwal as they stepped out of a middle class apartment in east Delhi.
They were to begin their hunger strike, in violation of police orders, for a strong Lokpal Bill in place of a government-sponsored one that excludes the prime minister, the judiciary and a mass of junior government officials from its purview.
As hundreds blocked a main road, the police were stuck with Hazare and Kejriwal. Eventually he was taken to the police officers' mess in another part of the city, then to another office and finally sent to prison when he refused to sign a bail bond.
Before being detained, Hazare -- aware that he could be arrested -- said in a recorded video message: 'Don't let my arrest stop this movement. This is the nation's second struggle for freedom.'
The message had an electrifying effect.
In towns and cities across India, spontaneous protests erupted. Tens of thousands took to the streets shouting slogans against the government and hailing the Gandhian.
The biggest shows of solidarity were reported from Delhi and Mumbai.
Apart from major cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow and Ahmedabad, numerous big and small protests took place in Udaipur, Jammu, Selam, Bhopal, Surat, Rajkot, Patna, Guwahati, Raipur, Shimla, Mandi, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Bhiwani -- and many more.
The people who took to the streets were dominantly from the middle class -- sick and tired of India's endemic corruption. There were men and women, from vocal teenagers to spirited men even in their 80s.
There was no violence anywhere in the country.
Once Hazare was taken to Tihar Jail, large numbers offered themselves for arrest in Delhi. The number swelled to around 1,400, by official admission. After a while police refused to arrest any more saying that the makeshift prison -- Chhatrasal stadium -- was overflowing.
Activists insisted that up to 5,000 had been detained.
Senior ministers justified the arrest but sounded defensive. Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal even suggested that Hazare could again talk to the government over the proposed Lokpal Bill.
Ministers denied that Delhi Police acted under political pressure.
Celebrities too stepped in to verbalise their distress. Lyricist Javed Akhtar said: 'I have had certain reservations about Anna's method but his arrest cannot be condoned. It is undemocratic, unacceptable.'
Source: ANI

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Jagansindia - Independence Day Celebration

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15th August 2011
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Happy Independence Day - 2011 - 65th Year Independence Day Celebration in India

Jagansindia opens New Office at United Kingdom (UK)

I am happy to announce inauguration of our new office at Pleck Road, Walsall, United Kingdom on August 15th 2011 (Independence Day for INDIA).

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Apple copycat 'hiPhone 5' comes calling in China

SHANGHAI  - The newest version of Apple Inc's popular iPhone has already hit the Chinese market -- the fake market that is. The 'hiPhone 5' is selling for as little as 200 yuan ($31) on China's top e-commerce platform Taobao, which is owned by Alibaba Group.
But one has to pay around 800 yuan for a more "genuine" one, according to some shop clerks at a mobile phone market in Shanghai.
"Look at this. It's not the same as the 300-400 yuan ones," Shanghai-based daily Metro Express quoted a clerk as saying, pointing to one originally priced at 850 yuan.

The 'hiPhone 5' is based on leaked images of the yet-to-be-launched iPhone 5 and is thinner and with less rounded edges than the existing iPhone 4, according to the newspaper. However, it is extremely light, almost like a plastic toy, like most pirated mobile phones, it said.
Western governments have repeatedly criticised China for widespread violation of intellectual property rights, but pirated goods from branded watches, to bags and computer software can be easily found in shops.
Last month, an American blogger set off a media storm after she posted pictures of an elaborate fake Apple Store in Kunming, selling genuine if unauthorized iPhones, Macbooks and other widely popular Apple products.
Reuters also uncovered a look-a-like of the Swedish furniture giant Ikea in the southwestern Chinese city.
Apple, which is expected to roll out the latest version of the iPhone 5 smartphone within a few months, sold a record 20.34 million iPhones during the last quarter, even though its newest model is over a year old.
($1 = 6.431 Chinese Yuan)
Source: Reuters

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Too much Facebook use can make kids narcissistic

Teens who spend too much time on social networks like Facebook, are more likely to show narcissistic tendencies and display signs of other behavioural problems, according to new psychological research.

"While nobody can deny that Facebook has altered the landscape of social interaction, particularly among young people, we are just now starting to see solid psychological research demonstrating both the positives and the negatives," Telegraph quoted Larry D. Rosen, professor of psychology at California State University, as saying.

Rosen said the negative effects of teenagers overusing social media include making them more prone to vain, aggressive and anti social behaviour.

Scientists have found pre-teens and teens who overuse social sites and technology on a daily basis are also more likely to be prone to bouts of anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders.

They also found that excessive use of sites like Facebook can also lead to poorer academic performance. Teenagers who checked social networks at least once during a 15 minute study period, achieved lower grades.

The findings of the research were presented at the 19th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.
Source: ANI

10-yr-old girl discovers security flaw in Apple, Android games

London:: A 10-year-old hacker has left experts amazed by finding an old-age security flaw in many mobile games.

Going by the handle CyFi, she found that advancing the clock on a tablet or phone could, in many games, open a loophole that can be exploited, reports the BBC.

CyFi discovered the bug after getting bored with the pace of farming games and seeking ways to speed them up.

Many farm-based games force players to wait hours before they can harvest a crop grown from virtual seeds. As a result CyFi, who has not revealed her real name, started fiddling with the clock on her handset to see if she could produce crops more quickly.

While many games detect and block clock-based cheating, CyFi found ways round these security measures. Disconnecting a phone from wi-fi and only advancing a clock by small amounts helped to open up the loophole as it forced the game into a state not tested by its original creators.

CyFi's discovery has since been verified by independent security researchers.

The exploit has been found to work in versions of games for both Apple and Android gadgets.

The hacker presented her findings at the DefCon hacker conference held in Las Vegas.

Source: ANI

Coming up, a Facebook-like education website

Fed up of your child logging into Facebook at the cost of studies? The Rajasthan government has hit upon a remedy - a social networking site that will also help brush up a youngster's academic knowledge.

'The idea is to utilise the popularity of social networking sites among students. Most of them spend a lot of time on such websites every day,' a senior official of the state's information technology department, which is developing the portal, told IANS.

The government portal will give tips to students on subjects like physics, chemistry and mathematics. Experts will be roped in to answer the academic queries students post on it.

'We thought why not make it a bit educational so that students can not only enjoy the fun that these sites offer but also get to learn something,' the official said.

Students will be able to open up their individual accounts, add friends, upload photographs, play games and interact among themselves just like they do on Facebook.

'What makes it stand out is the fact that there will be subject-specific links on the home page. We will store e-books, objective questions and coaching material related to each subject,' the officer added.

The development of the portal is in the final phase, he said.

The government should popularise the website by approaching educational institutes across the state, including schools, colleges and coaching centres, said Abhishek Sharma, a volunteer working with a local NGO.

'The students should be encouraged by the institutes to use this portal,' Sharma told IANS.

'It will be fun to have such a social networking website. I usually get distracted by these sites, but fun and studies going together must be great. I am eagerly waiting for the site to be launched,' said Manu Mishra, a Class 11 student.

Parents have also welcomed the initiative.

'My son spends half of his time on social networking websites which could be utilised for sports or studies. I will definitely encourage him to use the portal being launched by the government as it will at least have some study or course and subject material,' said Ramkumar Joshi, parent of a Class 12 student.

(Anil Sharma can be contacted at

Source: IANS

Hackers vow to 'kill' Facebook on November 5

Citing privacy concern and security violation of user information, hacker group 'Anonymous' has vowed to kill the social networking site.

'Anonymous' has set November 5th, 2011 as the date to destroy Facebook, which in Britain is celebrated as Guy Fawkes Day, a commemoration of the Gunpowder Plot in which Fawkes placed explosives in  the House of Lords in 1605.

"If you are a willing hacktivist or a guy who just wants to protect the freedom of information then join the cause and kill Facebook for the sake of your own privacy," the speaker added.

Mentioning privacy concerns and Facebook's ability to store and sell personal information about its users, the group said, "Everything you do on Facebook stays on Facebook regardless of your 'privacy' settings, and deleting your account is impossible."

The video claims the social networking site has violated the principles of online privacy and declared Facebook as the resident sinner in the eye of the AntiSec movement.

"Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from around the world," 'Anonymous' said.

'Anonymous' has claimed responsibility for every notable hacking attack this year, including the hacking into 70 law enforcement websites and took down the Syrian Ministry of Defense website.

Source: Yahoo India News

What happens to your profile when a social networking site shuts down?

Ever wondered where all your personal information goes when a social networking site dies? Well, it is recycled.

Recycling user databases isn't an uncommon practice in the United States, which is still hammering out online privacy standards and laws.

"At least in the U.S., what happens to consumers data after a company shuts down often depends on the company's privacy policy, which in theory is binding, since the U.S. does not have anything comparable to online data retention laws like the EU's so-called privacy directives," Discovery News quoted Alessandro Acquisti, associate professor of information technology and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University, as saying.

In other words, what happens to the personal information you leave behind on social networking sites is largely up to the site owners.

Rolling over user profiles can also help jumpstart a new or rebranded network.

"The new site might even use the data to automatically create accounts for users on the site as means to attract these users to the new site," said Craig Wills, a computer science professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and online privacy expert.

These examples of profile "afterlife" underscore the importance of users paying attention to privacy policies and what they're agreeing to when signing up for social media accounts, the report said.

"Once uploaded to the Internet, your data never dies - it just reincarnates in other forms," Acquisti added.
Source: ANI

Saturday, August 6, 2011

NASA launches 2.7 bn-km voyage to Jupiter - Juno !!!

NASA has launched a 2.7-billion km voyage to Jupiter that will try to discover the secrets behind the largest planet in the solar system.
The unmaned $1.1 billion Juno spacecraft blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, at 11.25 a.m. Friday.
The aim of the 1.7 billion-mile (2.7 bn km) voyage, was to learn more about how the solar system was created and unlock the secrets that have remained a mystery until now, The Telegraph reported quoting NASA.
The spacecraft will arrive at Jupiter in 2016 which will study the planet's core, atmosphere, magnetic field and auroras, scientists said. It is one of NASA's most ambitious missions.

NASA finds evidence of flowing water on Mars

NASA found evidence that briny water flows on Mars, raising chances that life could exist on the Red Planet.

Photos: NASA

Top 5 Smartphones to Buy Right this Minute - Best smartphone in the Market

The smartphone market in India is hot like never before. Nokia is losing its sheen and Samsung and Apple are racing ahead.
Consumers have a plethora of options to choose from. This may lead to a serious brainstorming session on their part. In case, you're planning to buy a smartphone, we've made life a little easier for you by complining a list of the top 5 smartphones to buy at present.
Take a look and then take your pick:


Samsung Galaxy S II

Okay, believe it or not but the truth is that Galaxy S II has usurped iPhone 4 from the throne of the smartphone empire. In a short period of time, it has stormed ahead of iPhone, which looked invincible at some point of time. The Galaxy S II's combines a thin and light design with the flexibility of hugely popular Android. Add to this a dazzling display and the best-in-class performance. It may have some minor flaws but they can be easily ignored for the great features it offers.
Why should I Buy it?
Big on performance, excellent display, ultra thing and light design, loaded with features, great battery performance.
Price: Rs 29,999
MensXP Rating: 4.5/5


Apple iPhone 4

Well, one of the reasons you should get this baby is because it's an Apple product after all! And iPhone 4 is in many ways the best phone Apple has ever made. It's faster that its predecessor, the 3GS. The Retina Display is simply amazing and sets the new standards in cellphone displays. The FaceTime App is indeed path-breaking and redefines the entire concept of video conferencing. And then its killer looks. It feels awesome to hold the phone in your hand.
Why should I Buy it?
Revolutionary features like FaceTime and iMovie, Stunning high-res display, brilliant camera (for video and still photography), superb battery life
Price: Rs 40,900 for iPhone 4 32 GB
MensXP Rating: 4.5/5


HTC Sensation

Often peddled as HTC's answer to Samsung's Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4, this Dual Core wonder is highly likely to attract people looking for an alternative to the first two phones. And the phone is indeed giving some serious competition to them. With a weight of just 148 gm and a beautiful design, Sensation is a pure joy in the hand. The phone was a CNET Editors' Choice Award winner and they said that it is “sensational in many ways”.
Why should I Buy it?
Excellent user interface, lovely display, 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor, 8 MP camera, excellent HD video recording, remarkable battery life
Price: Rs. 28,899
MensXP Rating: 4/5


HTC Desire S

This is an evolved successor to its massively popular ancestor - HTC Desire. Unibody design, a great interface, and the inclusion of Android 2.3 are being lauded all over. It is a seriously appealing mobile phone. Although is camera is mildly disappointing, the other features, which come at a competitive price, more than make up for that. Its software is intuitive and processor powerful.
Why should I Buy it?
Fantastic Unibody design, great performance, value for money,
Price: Rs 22,399
MensXP Rating: 4/5


LG Optimus 2X

Optimus 2X from LG is fitted with a speedy processor (Dual Core Tegra 2 1GHz) that makes it insanely fast and revs up the apps and user-interface transitions. Its appearance and feel may be slightly bulky but it offers some great hardware. Multimedia features are overwhelming. Once again, a good choice for those looking for options beyond Apple and Samsung.
Why should I Buy it?
Excellent display, powerful 1GHz Dual Core processor, slick scrolling and zooming, bustling with features
Price: Rs. 25,449
MensXP Rating: 4/5