Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A keyboard that knows the next word you type

New technologies are making our life easy day by day, but had you ever thought that a keyboard can also make your typing easy? The Windows Phone 7 is coming up with new technology that reduces our time of typing the complete sentence or the words. Windows Phone 7 keyboards are programmed in such a way that it can guess the next word that what the user wants to type.

The keyboard is a combination of machine learning and mathematics, and mostly it predicts the accurate text.

Microsoft Research team and the Windows Phone 7 product group worked together to bring out the technology. One of the most interesting parts of the keyboard is the 'Next Likely Key', which is shown enlarged by the software so that the user can type words correctly.

Eric Badger, developer lead, Windows Phone 7 team, said "We wanted to have the best text-input solution in the world. When it comes to digital communication, the task of getting an idea from your head to the keyboard is really important."

However the software will not make any suggestion if the users don't want, like if there is an unfamiliar word then the software will not suggest any word or letter. 

Source: Siliconindia

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