Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vote without fear, Election Commission tells electorate (Rule 49)

The Election Commission has urged people in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry to vote without fear or any inducement in the assembly elections Wednesday.

'Please go by your conscience. Vote without fear. Vote without any inducement,' the Election Commission said in an appeal Tuesday.

The appeal comes in the wake of reports of political parties trying to woo voters with cash and gifts in some constituencies, especially in Tamil Nadu.

Elections are held in all the constituencies in Kerala and Tamil Nadu as well as in the union territory of Puducherry Wednesday.

'Tomorrow (Wednesday), what is on offer for you is perhaps the best gift of our country to her citizens. It is the choice to elect your representative and your government,' the appeal said.

The statement added that the poll panel's 'machinery has worked day and night over the last many months to make it possible for each one of you to vote freely and fairly'.

'We have tried to make this a simple and friendly experience too. Now it is your duty to exercise your franchise.'

The poll panel told the voters not to forget to take their elector's photo identity cards (EPIC) to the polling booth or other prescribed documents if they had not been given an EPIC.

'All of you who are on the electoral roll must come out and press the button of your own future and carry home the ink mark of personal pride on your finger,' the Election Commission stated.

If you not liked any party in the voting system "Put Vote on Rule 49". If more vote counted on rule 49 then president rule applies to that state.

Source: IANS - Yahoo News

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