Monday, April 4, 2011

Sachin wants to go out and see public reaction of World Cup triumph

India erupted to unprecedented celebrations after the cricket World Cup triumph and iconic batsman Sachin Tendulkar says he wants to witness the "reaction from the public" as the team had won the title because of the best wishes of the countrymen.

"It was fabulous (to win the World Cup). It has not sunk in yet because we have not gone out and face the public, all the Indian people. It is extremely important to understand their reaction," Tendulkar said.

"All of them must be watching the final on TV but to actually go out and understand their reaction is very important. I am actually looking forward to do that. We have won because of their best wishes," he said in the audio tapes released by the ICC.

Tendulkar described the World Cup triumph as the ultimate achievement in his career.

"As a young boy I grew up dreaming of lifting the World Cup some day and I always wanted to do that. While trying to do that there were lots of things that happened in my life. I am extremely happy about those moments. But this is the ultimate achievement, ultimate thing which has brought smiles to all the Indians in the country and abroad," said Tendulkar who won the World Cup in his sixth appearance.

He said he was enjoying his cricket and would continue to play the game as long as he is doing that.

"I started to play the game to enjoy it and I am enjoying and there is no need to change my thinking. It has been fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed my journey and I will continue enjoying.

"Let''s go step by step. I am enjoying this moment and this is truly a great moment for all the Indians. It is not the time to think anything else," said Tendulkar.

Asked about the moment when India won the final against Sri Lanka last night to become world champions, Tendulkar said, "It was a special moment. Sehwag and me and others were praying at the dressing room that we win and suddenly after that shot (six by Dhoni) we were jumping and hugging each other. Then we ran out at the middle to celebrate."
Source: Press Trust India via Yahoo News

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