Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Facebook, Twitter sound 'death knell for holiday postcards'!

Gone are those days of postcards as Facebook and Twitter are the new mantras to keep in touch with your family and friends while on holidays.

A survey conducted by online travel firm ebookers has found that one in two Britons admitted to checking and updating social networks or emails when on a holiday.

It has emerged that four in 10 people no longer send postcards to loved ones from a holiday destination.

The assessment of 2,000 respondents revealed that as many as ten pc of the people felt anxious and lonely when they were unable to access email or social network sites.

Although, 50 pc of the people who update social networks while on holiday considered it a waste of time, as many as two thirds admitted to spending two hours or more doing so.

The rise of the 'social network postcard' is not confined to the younger generation, as one in three silver surfers over 55 years old confessed to checking social networks while on holiday.

According to the survey, Facebook is the most popular social network site for holidaymakers to use while abroad, followed by Twitter.

Furthermore, Londoners are the worst for feeling lonely and anxious when they do not have access to their favourite social networking site.

"It's fascinating to see just how dependent British holidaymakers have become on social networks to keep their friends and family up-to-date," the Daily Mail quoted Mario Bounas, head of marketing at as saying.

"As a nation, our growing reliance on social networks is laid bare by the fact that many feel anxious or lonely if they can't log on, he added.
Source: ANI

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