Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nagpur engineering student makes mini-helicopter for surveillance

Nagpur, Jan.3 (ANI): An engineering student in Maharashtra'sNagpur city has invented a mini-helicopter, which is capable of surveillance.
Gaurav Savalakhe, the inventor, fitted the transmitter on his stomach and arranged the receiver in such a manner that the machine can sense his hand movements and fly accordingly.

"I thought of doing something different and I fitted the transmitter on my stomach through which it flies. Like I have fitted a transmitter and connected with a sensor through which it flies according to my hand movements," said Savalakhe.

Savalakhe further said he used radio technology in making the helicopter.

"See, I have used radio technology in this through which it flies up to 350 to 650 feet. The camera fitted can shoot live 350 to 400 feet, which can be used for surveillance like, for instance, it can be used in Maoist-infested areas," he said.

He said the footage can be viewed on a laptop or a computer while it is being shot by the helicopter camera.

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