Thursday, January 27, 2011

Audi A9 Concept Design Study

 Disclaimer: This is not an official Audi design. But it is certainly something Audi fans can enjoy.

This concept design study of an imaginary Audi A9 model is the brainchild of Spanish designer Dani Garcia. The A9 is a sedan/saloon coupe which would be positioned above the A8 and take its place as Audi's flagship model. It would be a direct competitor to the likes of the Porsche Panamera.
The most far-out and imaginative piece of this design has to be the one-piece windshield and glass roof which will be derived from a nano-technology material that has yet to be invented. This nano-tech material would be able to repair itself in case of damage and be able to change color and tint on demand.

Garcia says his design if heavily influenced by "La Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias" (The City of Arts and Sciences) in Valencia (by architect Santiago Calatrava), Garcia's native city.
Powering the A9 would be a hybrid drivetrain with a traditional engine working with four electric motors in each wheel.
For the body, like the roof, there will be an 'electronic painting' system where the driver can select the color of the car at the touch of a button.

Source: DaniGarcia via jonsibal -

Audi A9 Price - 2015

The Audi A9 will go on sale around 2015 with a price tag of about $140,0000 so be prepared to dole out the cash for this rockstar

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