Thursday, August 30, 2012

Govt withdraws ban on bulk SMS-es and MMS-es

The government has withdrawn with immediate effect the ban on sending bulk SMS-es and MMS-es, a notification issued by the Home Ministry said today.

The ban was imposed on August 17, after reports emerged that threatening SMS-es were being sent to students from the North-East in cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad. It was aimed at checking the spread of rumours, which had fuelled panic.

The government had then said that for 15 days, cellphone users would be allowed to send only five messages a day. Later on August 23, the limit was increased from five to 20.

According to the government, since the clashes in Assam, misleading information and hate messages were being spread through SMS-es and MMS-es. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter were also reportedly used to circulate morphed images.

Along with the restrictions on SMS-es and MMS-es, the government had also banned hundreds of web pages.

Source: PTI and NDTV News

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  1. Bulk sms is an effective way of marketing that is empowering businesses. It is a legal service. People are mixing this ban in the other way.