Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Now, Facebook users can screen which pics they are tagged in

Facebook has launched a new privacy setting, which allows users to screen which pictures they are tagged in before they appear online.

The move will give people much greater control over what pictures they are linked to and has the potential to stop partners or employers finding incriminating or embarrassing shots online.

The new tagging feature significantly improves users' ability to mould their Facebook personas, and eliminate those snaps of a drunken night out ever becoming visible.

Earlier, their only option was damage control - a tagged photo would appear instantly on a profile and remain there until the user was able to get to a computer to de-tag it.

The update also allows users to vet when they are mentioned by other people in their posts. And it has expanded its 'de-tagging' tool so users can request a photo be removed, report abusive posts and even block other users.

Facebook in its announcement of the privacy upgrades said that the changes have been a long time coming.

"One of the top requests we've heard is for the ability to approve these tags before they show up on your profile," the Daily Mail quoted the company as saying.

"This new way of protecting your privacy is balanced against the more liberal features, which allow users to tag anyone in their posts, whether they are friends with that person or not," it said.

Another big switch rolled out by Facebook will allow people to see how their profiles are viewed by others, simply by typing in the name of that person.
Source: ANI

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