Thursday, July 28, 2011

Now, control your TV, DVD player, stereo from your iPhone

Here is good news for people who are too lazy to pick up the TV remote to change the channel.

A Berlin-based company has developed a new gadget that converts your iPhone into a universal TV controller, which works on all major models of television.

The VooMote One is a sleeve that fits over your mobile and allows you to choose your programme or flip between functions - and make calls too.

The device also allows the user to "group" together different appliances such as a DVD player and stereo so that you don't even have to reach for those controllers either.

There are also the volume controls, which one would normally associate with a TV remote.

According to the manufacturer, the device works with wireless technology and captures more than 30,000 infrared cords and thousands of electronic devices.

In total, it is compatible with "574 TV brands, 995 Top Box/DVR brands, and 151 audio and CD brands" with a list of codes that is regularly being updated. says that the VooMote's star feature is the 'Room Control' function which allows you to group devices according to their location, e.g. the kitchen.

"VooMote One is the only like-product on the market right now that makes set up effortless, reduces clutter, and streamlines the control of all of your devices with your iPhone," the Daily Mail quoted as saying.

The VooMote, which also works on an iPod touch, comes with a free app that links up with the sleeve.

The hardware, however, is currently only available in the U.S. and costs 99 dollars.
Source: ANI

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