Saturday, July 9, 2011

Facebook Launches Video Calling in Assocation with Skype. - Talk to your friends face to face.

Now facebook users can enjoy video calling on their chats.. Setup video calling features in your system by Following the below steps:

  • Click this link:
  •  Click "Get Started"
  • Set up video calling - video call Setup download starts
  • Install the video call setup in your system
  • After installation Click on any users chat, At top right corner you can see Video icon

Bring your conversations to life 
Sometimes an emoticon just isn't enough. With face-to-face video calling, now you can watch your friends smile, wink and LOL.

Call your friends right from Facebook

Just click the call button at the top of your friend's profile or chat window — no need to launch new software. No answer? Leave a video message.


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