Monday, March 7, 2011

Control Laptop/Computer using your eyes without using Mouse!!

There might come a day soon when you won't even have to lift your hand to click an icon on the screen - instead all you have to do is move your eyes and your laptop will do as you wish - open files, play music or view pictures.

The laptop, presented at the CeBIT, the world's top tech fair in Hanover, Germany, uses cutting-edge "eye tracking" technology by Swedish firm Tobii that follows the movement of the user's eyes and allows him or her to operate menus and select icons.

And when you are not looking at it, it automatically goes into screen saver mode. It restarts as soon as the user glances at the monitor again.

"It's definitely going to be in the laptops of the future. You can do pretty much anything you would do with your normal laptop," Discovery News quoted Anders Olsson from Tobii as saying.
"We've been stuck for a quarter of a century with a keyboard and a mouse. It's time to move to the next step and eye control technology is the perfect solution."

Another snazzy piece of technology that debuted at the fair was Jazz, a 'telepresence' robot, which projects its user's presence, showing his or her face on its own "face" and speaking in its user's voice.

It could easily deputize for a manager in a business meeting, or tour a factory or shop floor, both recording and beaming back what it sees to its user, said Gostai employee Segolene Roche.

"The main advantage over teleconferencing is its mobility," she told a foreign news agency.

It can run for five straight hours-at around 2.5 miles per hour-without needing to be recharged and returns to its charging station when it needs more power.

Jazz is available for 10,900 US dollars. (ANI)
Source: Technology News Yahoo!!