Monday, May 28, 2012

Common Public Transport in OMR > SIPCOT IT PARK

We are extremely happy to share the below news article published in Times of India (Saturday, 26th May) about introduction of 3 MTC services to SIRUSERI IT PARK, fulfilling the long cherished idea of a Common Public Transport system to add to the convenience and comfort of all users who prefer to 'Go Green' and use a shared commutation model for their routine daily office travel.  After several rounds of discussions with representatives of various IT companies, NASSCOM in collaboration with MTC has finalized peak hour shuttle services from Madhya Kailash to SIPCOT Industrial Park in Siruseri.
The inaugural flag-off took place yesterday (Friday, 25th May 2012) at 7 am from Madhya Kailash, amidst the presence of Government, NASSCOM, Industry and Media representatives.
MTC will be operating in the routes as per the attached sheet (Subject to Change depending on patronage). These buses would also be useful to commuters wanting to get dropped at MRTS junctions as well. This will also reduce the dependency on share autos and ensure safe arrival at workplace.
We request all of you to kindly make use of this facility to its fullest advantage.

3 new MTC services to ply on IT Corridor
Chennai: Three new MTC bus routes were introduced between Madhya Kailash and Siruseri on Old Mahabalipuram Road (IT Corridor) on Friday.
   There will now be a bus every 15 minutes between 7am and 11am and between 5pm and 9pm for the benefit of the scores of commuters, mostly employees of IT companies, using the stretch. There are 200 buses operating along the stretch already.
   "Unlike many of the existing routes that cover the main road, buses on the new routes will ply through the interior areas where some companies are located. For example, about 4km after Navalur, buses on one of the new routes will turn right and go through areas where there are several IT companies," said a senior official.
   "No AC buses have been introduced as of now but we will look at the response for these buses and introduce AC services later," said the official.
   Representatives from the National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom) say that more than one lakh people are employed in nearly 100 companies along the stretch. "These new routes will result in many employees preferring MTC buses to their two-wheelers or cars. This will reduce the congestion and will facilitate better transport," said Nasscom regional director K Purushotham. Though the buses are not exclusive for IT employees, the timings have been tailor made for them. "There will be 100 trips in a day on these routes," said Purushotham.
   Arecent study done by the Institute for Transport and Development Policy showed that MTC and private buses occupied only 16% of the road but accounted for 63% of the commuters.
   MTC said ticket sales show that most commuters working in the IT Corridor travel there from Mylapore, Saidapet, Velachery and Thiruvanmiyur. There is considerable traffic on the road connecting Thoraipakkam and Chromepet as well.

FINALLY! New services are expected to reduce congestion on the road

MTC Ltd - Bus facilities requested to Siruchery IT from Madyakailash by NASSCOM

Criteria Route # 219B Course - Madhya Kailash - Siruchery IT Park Route # 119B Course - Madhya Kailash - Siruchery IT Park Route (Request From NASSCOM)
Route Course Madhyakailash - Tidel Park - SRP Tools - Velachery- Narayanapuram - Medavakkam - Perumbakkam _ Shozhlinganallur - Navalur - Siruchery IT Park Madhyakailash - Tidel Park - SRP Tools - Velachery- Madipakkam Road Jn. (Kaiveli) - Radial Road Jn. (Kamatchi Hospital - 230 K.V. Tower - Thorapakkam D.B Jain College - Karapakkam - Shozhlinganallur - Kumaran Nagar -Chemmenchery - Navalur - SIPCOT - Siruchery IT Park (Bio Tech) Madhyakailash - Tidel Park - SRP Tools - Kandhansavadi- Lifeline - First Toll -  Thorapakkam Junction - Cognizant - Karapakkam - Shozhlinganallur - Navalur - Second Toll - Siruchery IT Park
Morning (Proposed) Departure (Madyakailash) Arrival (Siruchery IT Park) Departure (Madyakailash) Arrival (Siruchery IT Park) Departure (Madyakailash) Arrival (Siruchery IT Park)
7:00 8:10 7:15 8:25 8:00 9:10
7:30 8:40 7:45 8:55 8:30 9:40
8:00 9:10 8:15 9:25 8:45 9:55
8:30 9:40 8:45 9:55 9:00 10:10
9:00 10:10 - - 9:15 10:25
Morning (Request from NASSCOM) 9:30 10:40 9:00 10:10 9:30 10:40
10:00 11:10 9:30 10:40 9:45 9:55
    10:00 11:10 10:00 11:10
Evening (Proposed) Departure (Sirushery IT Park) Arrival (Madyakailash) Departure (Sirushery IT Park) Arrival (Madyakailash) Departure (Sirushery IT Park) Arrival (Madyakailash)
17:00 18:10 17:15 18:25 17:00 18:10
17:30 18:40 17:45 19:00 17:30 18:40
18:00 19:10 18:15 19:25 18:00 19:10
18:30 19:40 18:45 19:55 18:30 19:40
19:00 20:10     19:00 20:10
Evening (Request from NASSCOM) 19:30 20:40 19:15 20:25 19:30 20:40
20:00 21:10 19:45 20:55 20:00 21:10
Fare Madyakailash to Siruchery IT Park Express Deluxe Express Deluxe

Rs 14.00 Rs 19.00 Rs 14.00 Rs 19.00


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